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Guess the Ice Out – Tally’s Dockside – BBQ – Tiki Cocktails – Craft Beer – Bands – Boats – 2018

Guess the Ice Out 2018

The week of April 9 is filled with getting Tally’s Dockside ready for another great season of: – BBQ – Tiki Cocktails – Craft Beer – Bands – Boats –

“Mother Nature” has different plans.  The weather forecasters, that we have all learned to only trust as far as we can throw them, are predicting high winds and a chance to record the most amount of snow to ever fall in April.  Still not believing this we are busy cleaning the kitchen, moving furniture outside, meeting with beer and food reps and just getting ready for warmer temperatures and fluid water.  Saturday morning starts with a look outside and see that the winds are howling in from the north east and then the phone call from our alarm company, that the alarm at CG Hooks is going off.  So luckily the 4 wheel drive in our trusty jeep is working and I make the trek down to investigate.  My thoughts are who would be interested in breaking into a snowed in restaurant with virtually nothing inside (no money, no food, no alcohol).  The initial visual inspection as I approached was all looked good (except for the snow blowing sideways).  Of course the lock on the east side of the building was covered in ice and snow, after a little chiseling with the key, I persuaded the key into the lock and was surprised to feel it turn easily.  The door opened hard due to the snow and ice build up on the deck, as I entered again I saw that all looked good.  Then I spotted the culprit, door #3 that goes to the smoker room was ajar, the lock had failed due to the winds and wind pressure buildup in the smoker room.  Upon securing the door and resetting the alarm, back into the 4 wheel drive jeep and head back for more coffee.

The calendar states that it is spring, but the lake ice and the sideways blowing snow clearly indicates “Mother Nature” has a different plan. In 2017 ice was gone on March 23rd, however the latest recorded ice out on White Bear Lake is May 4, 1950.

This makes it very difficult to “Live Fresh & Stay Salty”. At dinner on Friday night with Elaine and Rich, Guess the Ice Out Contest was brought back again. Click Here to enter and view details. The correct guess will get you two spots on the Pontoon and Tapas cruise, either cruise with a special craft beer brewery representative or start your Sunday with the Bloody Pirate Cruise. All forms must be submitted by midnight Saturday April 28, 2018. Closing date will change if ice goes out earlier and no guesses will be allowed on day of official ice out or after.

Spring may get here, but my guess is that the weather will go right into summer. Temperatures into the 70’s, 80′ and the 90’s. Opening fishing will still happen on Mother’s Day weekend, May 12.

We at Tallys Dockside again have created a great venue to help “Stay Salty”, while living in Minnesota. Winter season again has allowed us to regroup and explore for new ideas for summer 2018.

New Menu items – beef brisket nachos, key west nachos, whole and half chickens, beef brisket grilled cheese,

Tiki Cocktails see menu

New and improved online boat rental

Pontoon and Tapas Cruise 10 Friday nights showcasing a craft brewer, brewery swag, and Tapas paired with the featured beer. Reserve your seat online

Bloody Pirate Cruise start 10 Sunday mornings with Tallys Dockside STBF Bloody Pirate drinks (bloody Mary’s, mimosas, bellinis) and of course breakfast tapas

Fishing boat rental special

Kids fishing opportunities

Two Silo Farmhouse – lodging, intimate event venue, vineyard. Kicking off summer of 2018