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Tally’s Dockside “Live Fresh – Stay Salty”

live fresh stay salty sticker

Tally’s Dockside exemplifies the meaning of “Live Fresh – Stay Salty”

“Salt Life” as we all have seen has become a craze of how we either live or want to live.  Jimmy Buffet has made a career out of telling stories and writing songs on living carefree and being laid back.  Salt Life is based on living around Saltwater, the Oceans, the Caribbean, Island Life, Conch Life, Key West, Salt Time, Laid Back, No Worries, Sunrises, Sunsets, It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere, Tiki’s, etc.  Not everybody is lucky enough to “Live Salty”, live around salt water and live the saltwater life.

“Live Fresh” is living around Freshwater.  For those of us that have been raised in the upper Midwest (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin), the only way to experience the saltwater life is to travel.  Travel is great, however, it is expensive and is a long ways from the upper Midwest.

Tally’s Dockside – established in 1939 as “The Anchor Inn” by the Elsner Family.  Keith and Jan evolved “The Anchor Inn” to Tally’s Dockside in 1990.  The beginning of Live Fresh – Stay Salty, this phrase was created by Connar, Keith and Jan’s youngest son.  He claims that this is what we do.  We live, work and play around freshwater always looking to create the saltwater lifestyle.  We want Tally’s Dockside to be all about getting on the water and enjoying the view of water, whether it is freshwater or saltwater.

Tally’s Dockside is committed to helping you to “Live Fresh – Stay Salty”

  • Tiki Bar – imported in from the Phillipines
  • Tiki and Island Drinks
  • Craft Beer (not really salty) just really refreshing
  • Get out on the water with the Tally’s Boat Rental Fleet
  • Live Music By The Water
  • BBQ – Memphis Style (Dry rubbed, the sauces are for dipping)  Smoked goodness, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket, Whole Chicken and Chicken Wings