“Wolf’s Den at Peace”  Limited Edition Print Signed and Remarked

First Edition

5000 Limited Prints

Print Size 24″ H x 36″ W

Artist – Gary August, Arapaho Native Name: Two Eagles with A Vision

Gary is a native american Artist and Performer; Summers painting in Estes Park Colorado, Late Spring and Early Fall painting at Tally’s Dockside.  While hiking through the majestic Rockies of Estes Park, Colorado, he came upon a rare scene.  Two wolves at peace, cozy in their den.  The beautiful creatures stared back at him with piercing eyes as the artist stood very still.  Wolf’s Den at Peace captures one of those special moments in nature.  See the two hidden wolf faces in the upper left area?  Keep looking, they’re in there!

Look close – there is more to it than the Wolf in the Den.  Hidden images within.

Receive a Free Limited-Edition Print “Arapaho Ghost Teepees”   a $300 value – featuring a double set of eagles, Artist Gary August’s two handed masterpiece! (Free print only available on purchase of Wolf’s Den at Peace” or “Feeding Time” when you order $600 or more)(Limited supply and offer subject to change)

Arapaho Ghost Teepees – In a frosty wonderland of Arapaho Ghost Teepees, you’ll discover an enchanting land full of secrecy.  It features the Arapaho area of Colorado’s Old Man Mountain.  Legend says people are drawn here by the sound of beating drums.  As they approach, the stunned onlookers see two teepees which suddenly disappear.  Artist Gary August began this painting in 1970 … and just finished it this year, 2018!  1st Editon, 5000 Limited Prints, prints are numbered, remarked and signed by Gary August, 24’H x 36″W, $300 value.

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