“Live Fresh – Stay Salty” – Tally’s Dockside

Open May through September on Beautiful White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Enjoy the saltwater life while living and playing with freshwater

BBQ, Memphis Style Barbecue, All smoking is done with a Dry Rub, Sauces are used for Dipping only.  All meats used must meet Keith’s Pitmasters standards of quality.

Craft Cocktails, Craft Beer (local breweries to the hottest breweries in the country), Tiki Drinks made with tropical love.

Live Music, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Surround sound throughout the whole patio.

Deluxe Pontoon Rental, Fishing Boat Rental, Kayak Rental, Paddleboard Rental, Canoe Rental

Innovators in creating a Tropical Paradise in MN

We want you to have as much fun with us as we do with you.

Guess the Ice Out – Tally’s Dockside – BBQ – Tiki Cocktails – Craft Beer – Bands – Boats – 2018

Guess the Ice Out 2018

The week of April 9 is filled with getting Tally’s Dockside ready for another great season of: – BBQ – Tiki Cocktails – Craft Beer – Bands – Boats –

“Mother Nature” has different plans.  The weather forecasters, that we have all learned to only trust as far as we can throw them, are predicting high winds and a chance to record the most amount of snow to ever fall in April.  Still not believing this we are busy cleaning the kitchen, moving furniture outside, meeting with beer and food reps and just getting ready for warmer temperatures and fluid water.  Saturday morning starts with a look outside and see that the winds are howling in from the north east and then the phone call from our alarm company, that the alarm at CG Hooks is going off.  So luckily the 4 wheel drive in our trusty jeep is working and I make the trek down to investigate.  My thoughts are who would be interested in breaking into a snowed in restaurant with virtually nothing inside (no money, no food, no alcohol).  The initial visual inspection as I approached was all looked good (except for the snow blowing sideways).  Of course the lock on the east side of the building was covered in ice and snow, after a little chiseling with the key, I persuaded the key into the lock and was surprised to feel it turn easily.  The door opened hard due to the snow and ice build up on the deck, as I entered again I saw that all looked good.  Then I spotted the culprit, door #3 that goes to the smoker room was ajar, the lock had failed due to the winds and wind pressure buildup in the smoker room.  Upon securing the door and resetting the alarm, back into the 4 wheel drive jeep and head back for more coffee.

The calendar states that it is spring, but the lake ice and the sideways blowing snow clearly indicates “Mother Nature” has a different plan. In 2017 ice was gone on March 23rd, however the latest recorded ice out on White Bear Lake is May 4, 1950.

This makes it very difficult to “Live Fresh & Stay Salty”. At dinner on Friday night with Elaine and Rich, Guess the Ice Out Contest was brought back again. Click Here to enter and view details. The correct guess will get you two spots on the Pontoon and Tapas cruise, either cruise with a special craft beer brewery representative or start your Sunday with the Bloody Pirate Cruise. All forms must be submitted by midnight Saturday April 28, 2018. Closing date will change if ice goes out earlier and no guesses will be allowed on day of official ice out or after.

Spring may get here, but my guess is that the weather will go right into summer. Temperatures into the 70’s, 80′ and the 90’s. Opening fishing will still happen on Mother’s Day weekend, May 12.

We at Tallys Dockside again have created a great venue to help “Stay Salty”, while living in Minnesota. Winter season again has allowed us to regroup and explore for new ideas for summer 2018.

New Menu items – beef brisket nachos, key west nachos, whole and half chickens, beef brisket grilled cheese,

Tiki Cocktails see menu

New and improved online boat rental

Pontoon and Tapas Cruise 10 Friday nights showcasing a craft brewer, brewery swag, and Tapas paired with the featured beer. Reserve your seat online

Bloody Pirate Cruise start 10 Sunday mornings with Tallys Dockside STBF Bloody Pirate drinks (bloody Mary’s, mimosas, bellinis) and of course breakfast tapas

Fishing boat rental special

Kids fishing opportunities

Two Silo Farmhouse – lodging, intimate event venue, vineyard. Kicking off summer of 2018

Brew and Que

On our trip back to the north we chose to wet our appetite for summer with a stop in  Nashville TN. What a place to kick off the Tally’s Dockside summer season, “Music City USA” – with choices galore for Que, Craft Beer and Live music.

Leaving our Alabama hotel at 5 am (wanted a full day of Que, brew and music)  we Rolled into Nashville at lunchtime checked into our hotel and immediately smelled the smoke rolling from across the street, “where there’s smoke, there’s que”.  Plopped down at the bar for a mouth watering experience of ribs, brisket and beer. The enthusiasm of the bar tender led us to believe that we would receive nothing but a fantastic meal and a thirst quenching local craft beer.

Dry rubbed ribs smoked “slow and low”, like the way we do it with sides of slaw and potato salad. The house made sauces were served on the side, of course the best way to experience the flavors of the meats and  to add touches of hot sweet and spice to every bite. Nothing but smiles from us as we enjoyed the meal.

With bellies full (thank you Martin’s BBQ Joint) off to walk Broadway, bopping into the honky tonks to catch the sounds of Nashville on Easter Sunday.  Nudies Honky Tonk, Tequila Cowboy, Dierks Bentley Whiskey Row, Wildhorse Saloon and of course BB Kings Blues Cafe. We watched a group of song writers perform, all impromptu and requests, very talented musicians. BB Kings Blues Cafe did not disappoint with a fantastic trio, drummer, base and a very unique style of guitar play and the great authentic sound of the Blues. And of course it was time to try a signature appetizer of tater tots, pulled pork, queso and sour cream (definitely worth it) and of course more local craft beer. Finished the night at Tequila Cowboy’s with a fantastic lead female vocalist and a lead guitarist with an amazing rendition of “Highway to Hell”.

As we approach Minnesota it does not feel like Spring. Driving in snow and below freezing is not conducive to thinking about the open water. I️ guess we need to add a little heat and start up our smoker for our mouth watering ribs. By the end of April, smoke will be bellowing from the smoke stack of CG Hooks BBQ Smokehouse bringing that southern flavor of “slow and low” smoked pulled pork; beef brisket, chicken and Ribs, and I️t wont be long until Tally’s Dockside brings the music scene back to the waterfront; “Music By The Water” 18th season.  We even will be showcasing a little Nashville sound this June.




What is a Firkin and what is Firkin Fridays at Tally’s?

Screen shot 2015-07-16 at 10.38.20 AMThis Friday we are having a Firkin Friday with Lucett Brewing Company featuring a special tapping of Pineapple infused firkin made with Ride Again Pale Ale. We will be doing special food features to tie-in the tropical firkin theme.

So, what the firkin is a firkin?
You may not be aware of this, but not all beer comes in bottles or kegs. Some beer is served up in a special container called a firkin. A firkin, which is derived from the Middle Dutch word vierdekijn (meaning fourth), is actually a small barrel of beer that is one-fourth the size of a regular barrel of beer. As opposed to a standard beer barrel, which contains 117.34 liters or roughly 30.96 gallons, a firkin full of cask ale will contain a volume of 40.91 liters or 10.79 gallons. These volume sizes are provided in U.S.-based gallons.

Besides its smaller size, what makes the firkin so special?
It is the fact that the firkin is typically dedicated to housing cask-conditioned ale, or beer that has not been cold-filtered, pasteurized and carbonated by outside equipment. The ale beer that is housed inside the firkin is naturally carbonated by its resident yeast and its ingredients have not been processed in any way outside of simple fermentation by the yeast. In essence, firkin-contained Ride Again Pale Ale is comparable to the ale beers that were produced hundreds of years ago, before industrialization subjected them to processes that removed and/or killed the yeast, stripping the beer of many of its inherent vitamins (especially the B vitamins), minerals, and perhaps most importantly, taste.

How is the Ride Again Pale Ale produced inside of the firkin?
When wort, which is the cooked mixture of water, barley and hops, has yeast added into it, fermentation of that wort into beer begins. This process is typically termed primary fermentation. After primary fermentation has run its course (i.e., the yeast are spent), the immature beer is transferred to another vessel for secondary fermentation. In this way, the yeast can get a fresh start on the immature beer and raise its alcohol percentage. Once secondary fermentation is complete, the beer is filtered and bottled or kegged. In some cases, however, secondary fermentation of the immature beer occurs inside of a firkin instead of a vessel like a steel tank. This immature beer then takes on the characteristics of the firkin, such as its wood flavor, for example. Once secondary fermentation is completed inside the firkin, the beer matures there and is not transferred out for filtration, pasteurization and bottling or kegging. Once the beer has matured inside of a firkin, the discovery process begins. Because secondary fermentation and maturation of the beer have both occurred inside of the firkin with no outside testing conducted, there is just no telling how the final product might look, feel, or taste. Also, individual yeast strains work differently depending on the firkin wood type, temperature, ingredients, length of fermentation, etc. Thus, when tapping a finished firkin for the first time, you just never know what you’re going to get.

So, that’s it. Stop in and try it, enjoy the lake views and make it a firkin awesome day trip to White Bear Lake.

Day trip: White Bear Lake maintains small-town charm

Live music and a lakeside location keep Tally's Dockside hopping on White Bear Lake in White Bear Lake.

Live music and a lakeside location keep Tally’s Dockside hopping on White Bear Lake in White Bear Lake.

White Bear Lake’s premier-resort status stretches back to the 1860s, when sun-and-serenity seekers traveled by train and steamboat to enjoy its abundant beaches, quaint cottages and sightings of the famous and infamous. Al Capone is believed to have sought refuge there in the late 1920s, around the time a young F. Scott Fitzgerald, residing at the yacht club with his wife, Zelda, and their baby daughter, penned his precursor to “The Great Gatsby.”

The city of 23,000 has retained much of its small-town charm, while moving confidently into the 21st century with abundant attractions both culinary and cultural. Most options are within easy walking distance of the welcoming city center.

“It’s such a cool town, day and night,” said Bill Foussard, chairman of Explore White Bear Lake and owner of the White Bear Country Inn. Foussard spent his summers there as a boy and still can’t walk 3 feet without running into somebody he knows. “There are tons of things to do,” he said.

He’s right about that, so let’s get started.

Adult treats

Rudy’s Rooftop (4940 N. Hwy. 61) offers great people-watching, sun-worshiping and decadent “Rudytinis” (think Raspberry Vodka). The newish Big Wood Brewery and Taproom (2222 4th St.) won City Pages’ Best Local Beer honors in 2014 for its Morning Wood Coffee Stout.
With beachfront restaurants like Tally’s Dockside, above, White Bear Lake continues to be the lakeside lure it has been since the late 1800s.


The server at Cobblestone Cafe (4760 Washington Square) promised “just enough grease” to assure me I was eating diner food. This gem, with abundant outdoor seating and a throwback outdoor window to pay your tab, offers classics like pancakes, hash browns and omelets, plus signature breakfasts including a popular eggs Benedict. Red Lantern Sushi (2125 4th St.) and Pizzaria Pezzo (2143 4th St.) are local favorites, as is the Meet Market (1971 Whitaker St.), where you can put together a picnic of pulled pork sandwiches or caprese panini. For a romantic, upscale dinner overlooking the lake, try the Italian menu at Acqua Restaurant and Bar (4453 S. Lake Av.).

Sweet treats

Owner John Lupo will celebrate the 37th anniversary of Grandma’s Bakery (2184B 4th St.) on Saturday the way he celebrates every workday — with a doughnut and coffee. Good luck picking just one, though, in display cases filled with raspberry iced Bismarcks, French-glazed doughnuts, pecan rolls, muffins, scones and much more. “We bake for everybody,” Lupo said. The creamy soft-serve at Cup and Cone (2126 4th St.) offers a perfect midafternoon break from all that walking, at bargain prices to boot. Ask for the flavor of the day.

Comfort corners

The elegant White Bear Center for the Arts (4971 Long Av.) displays the works of accomplished regional artists, from painters to photographers to jewelers to ceramists. Be sure to step around back to the soothing OSilas Labyrinth. Speaking of soothing, don’t leave town without a stop at the 320-acre Tamarack Nature Center (5287 Otter Lake Road), offering more than 4 miles of walking trails, ponds and gardens.

That’s entertainment

Kids in tow? Lakeshore Players Theatre (4820 Stewart Av.) presents “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” beginning July 24. Entering its 63rd year, the respected community theater has begun a capital campaign to move out of its church-based home and into a state-of-the art center next to the White Bear Center for the Arts in 2017. For more information, go to www.lakeshoreplayers.org.

Locals and tourists lined up for soft-service ice cream treats at the Cup and Cone in White Bear Lake.

History lesson

Dig into a rich past at the White Bear Lake Area Historical Society (2228 4th St.), housed in a former armory. While you’re there, pick up a brochure for 1- and 2-mile historical walking tours around town and sign up for a visit to the Fillebrown House, a renovated lake cottage built in 1879. “It’s a real treat, an amazing house,” said Historical Society Executive Director Sara Hanson. “It really captures that early cottage era.” Tours of the home (4735 Lake Av.) are offered on select Saturdays for $5 a person. For more information, go to www.whitebearhistory.org.


John Kass did a fine mail-order business for 33 years until something surprising happened: “Americans started buying records again.” Kass is referring to those large, round vinyl things, also called LPs. Now Kass caters to “young hipsters and old burnouts” with equal enthusiasm at his cramped and well-stocked Go Johnny Go Records (4775 Banning Av.). Lake County Booksellers (4766 Washington Square) offers bestsellers and Minnesota authors, thrillers and sci-fi, plus comfy corners in which to sit. Sweet Home (2186 3rd St.) is a fun mix of funky and vintage mirrors, lamps and furniture. Primp (4766 Banning Av.) sells stylish women’s fashions at reasonable prices. Goodthings boutique (2184 4th St.) offers unique upscale items, from one-of-a-kind dresses to handmade jewelry to adorable clutches. Quilters will appreciate the abundance of Bear Patch Quilting (2199 4th St.).

Salad days

Blood orange olive oil? Sure. “We like to be very inventive,” said Bruce Bushey, who owns the Olive Branch Oil & Spice Co. (2202 5th St. #20) with wife, Janet Richards. “I’m kind of a mad scientist.” The couple married in Greece, from where much of the store’s inspiration and top-quality lines derive. Another friendly option is nearby Autumn Harvest Oil Co. (4762 Banning Av.), where I picked up a handy tip sheet on how to use balsamic vinegar.

Beach vibe

“Lake” being the operative word in White Bear Lake, make sure to visit Tally’s Dockside, (4441 S. Lake Av.) with its charming beach bum vibe, comfort food, music and pontoon boats for rent. Nearby Admiral D’s (4424 S. Lake Av.) is a higher-end option, with large patios and live music on the deck.


Apples have been sold out the front door of Pine Tree Apple Orchard since the early 1900s, but the family-run operation has evolved quite a bit since. The 300-acre orchard welcomes school groups and families throughout the year, with strawberry picking until late June and apple-picking beginning in late August. This fall, take a wagon ride, pick your own pumpkin or walk through a corn maze. No matter what season you arrive, take home a mouthwatering pie from the orchard’s bakery. “It’s the crust,” said Mary Jacobson, one of six Jacobson siblings working together to bring high-quality fruit products to the region.


Energy-infused Marketfest, a pedestrian-only festival along downtown streets, features local businesses promoting their brands, food booths, live music and art. It runs every Thursday through July 30, beginning at 6 p.m. The annual Manitou Days is a 16-day party of games, garage sales, music, art shows and more that culminates in a July 4th extravaganza.

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