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If you enjoy people, fun, and summers on the lake, apply to one of our open positions!

Below are a list of the best jobs in Minnesota! Do you enjoy people, fun and summer? Want to work with awesome people? Check it out. Apply now.

Barback Position Summary

As a barback, you will serve as a bartender’s assistant, working behind the bar and stocking, handling food preparation, providing customer service. Cleaning is a major duty of this position.

Boat Rental Clerk/Dock Clerk Position Summary:

In this role, you will provide a positive experience at Tally’s Dockside and demonstrate enthusiasm for working with the vacationing public. You will interact with patrons in person and by phone in a professional manner regarding boat rental and other dockside services and are responsible for keeping the premises clean and organized.

Cashier Job Summary

In this role, you will be in charge of the cash register, completing accurate transactions and interacting in a friendly and professional manner with patrons and employees.

Cocktail Server Job Summary

Cocktail servers and servers represent Tally’s Dockside/ CG Hooks in the dining areas with flawless service and genuine hospitality. You will greet guests, perform verbal menu presentation to each table, provide menus, suggest and serve beverages, answer questions, and take and place orders.

Cook & Pit Master Job Summary

The Cook and Pit Master is the leader in the kitchen. You will be responsible for overall operation for the restaurant and make sure that the company is represented correctly and that the company’s standards are upheld.

Dishwasher & Porter Job Summary

As a vital member of our back-of-the-house team, you will keeping all dishes and kitchenware clean and orderly as well as provide various cleaning services throughout the premises, ensuring a proper environment for all Tally’s Dockside and C.G. Hooks patrons.

Expediter Job Summary

In the busy world of fine dining restaurants, there is the front of house: the servers and waitstaff, and the back of house: the cooks and chefs. In between these two groups is the expediter. You will communicate orders and information between the front of house and back of house, making sure that food is cooked in the right order, quickly, and presented to the customer as beautifully as possible.

Host/Hostess Job Summary

Acting as the initial point of contact for guests, you will greet customers at a designated point either at Tally’s Dockside deck, CG Hooks Whitaker Door, or both. You will help maintain an organized and efficient dining room and will assist other restaurant staff as necessary to fulfill this objective.

Line Cook/Short Order Cook Job Summary

Line and short order cooks play an important role, not just in the kitchen, but in the entire operation at Tally’s Dockside and C.G. Hooks. You will work on a team to prepare fresh and delicious food for our patrons and create a safe and sanitary work environment. During slower periods, our cooks also assist with greeting and serving our patrons.

Night Security Guard Job Summary

As a Night Security Guard, you will serve an important role in the safety and security of our workplace. You will monitor the premises with an understanding of applicable laws and our policies and apply them in a consistent and thorough manner. You must be comfortable working alone and independently and handle confrontation and the use of force appropriately.

Summer Camp Fishing Guide & Boat Driver Job Summary

As a Summer Camp Fishing Guide, you will lead small groups of children on recreational fishing outing activities. Our fishing guides should have a high interest in fishing and can specialize in their own area of interest with fishing and boat driving.

The camps will last 2 hours with the possibility of two camps per day. The camps are held in the mornings Monday – Thursday with a make-up day if needed on Fridays. They are administered in June and July.