The Story Behind Our SPAGNANAMOUS Bar-B-Que

Our BBQ is done “Keith’s way”, the Memphis Style means dry rub. Every BBQ is regional, based on heritage. In 1990, Keith and Jan became Tally’s current and longest owner and changed the name to Tally’s Dockside. Tally’s Dockside.

“Where There’s Smoke, There’s BBQ”
When we first started we used to do all our cooking on the small lifetime grill, then as we grew into a restaurant, needed a larger surface. So when you see smoke, there’s BBQ. If you want BBQ done the right way, you need to smoke it. (Not Rotisserie)

Slow and Low
Every night the meet goes on. Slow time, low heat: it takes a long time to cook BBQ, we take anything from 14-16 hours, if you look into the smoker you can see it billowing out of it. That’s why it’s so fresh the next day and ready to eat.

BBQ Sauce
Sauce is for dipping, not cooking. That’s why we have naked pulled pork. When you have the best meat, you don’t need to drown it in sauce, it’s amazing on it’s own.

Dry Rub
We use the highest quality meat available. It’s the “Meat Breed” Duroc, the Red Pig.  See if you can spot Sping, our red tutu pig, at CG Hooks. And Spag, is in our logo, see if you can find him.

Spagnanamous BBQ, Spagtastic, Spagarrifik
Unique language only spoken on the shores of White Bear Lake. You must visit our precious land to understand.

The Pit Bar-B Que Smokehouse
Our smoke pit is our porch, not heated, not cooled. In the South, BBQ is done outside. They work in a shed roof like at CG Hooks…it’s not done in a kitchen, its done in our smokehouse pit.