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Lake Canoe Rental

Quick Details

Rental length: 1 – 8 hours

Passenger limit: 2 people. No pets allowed.

Included: 2 adult life vests (youth life vests available on request), 2 paddles

1 Hour Rental
2 Hour Rental
3 Hour Rental
4 Hour Rental
5 Hour Rental
6 Hour Rental Best Value
7 Hour Rental
8 Hour Rental

White Bear Lake Canoe Rental

Rent a Tally’s canoe to explore White Bear Lake! Have a great time out on the water canoeing, exploring the different beaches, inlets, and popular spots while getting a little bit of exercise in too! It’s the perfect family activity or outing on the water for a group of friends.

Rent a canoe from one hour up to eight hours, and then stop back in after you drop off your rental to have a bite to eat and drink on our dockside patio! Make the most of your summer days on the lake with the perfect combination of relaxation and fun.

To save time at check-in, take the time to sign the waiver ahead of time. Only one person in the party will need to sign the waiver.

If you want to read our Responsibility policy ahead of time, please click here to review.