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Lake Float Rental

Quick Details

Rental length: 1 + Hours

Float size: 18 feet

1 Hour Rental
2 Hour Rental
3 Hour Rental
4 Hour Rental
5 Hour Rental
6 Hour Rental
7 Hour Rental
8 Hour Rental
9 Hour Rental
10 Hour Rental
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12 Hour Rental

Spend a Fun Day on White Bear Lake with Our Lake Float Rental!

This fun and convenient lake float can create 18 feet of dock in the middle of the water. Made with a tough outer cell foam, this double-ply mat is durable and holds multiple adults with ease. It’s great for kids and families who want to spend a great day on the water!

Add the lake float to your pontoon rental for the perfect day of swimming and relaxing on the lake. You can even add it to you paddle board rentals — the lake float can act as a big dock for paddle boards; simply paddle up onto the dock and step off. Make the most of your day on the lake!